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Your National Park is a protected landscape providing spectacular views, iconic wildlife, fascinating archaeology and beautiful moorland villages. From walking, fell running and climbing to air sports, cycling or simply enjoying peace and quiet reflection surrounded by nature, the area offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation that are beneficial to health and well-being.

Interest in such activities has grown enormously in recent years and an increasing number of commercial organisations and charities now organise large scale events within the National Park.

By following this event notification process it will help you to plan a well organised event. It will also facilitate seeking permission from large landholding stakeholders within the National Park. Importantly event’s organisers and event participants have an opportunity to give something back to directly conserve the landscape they enjoy.

Please note that the steps in the form will need to be completed in one session. if you close your browser you will not be able to return to a partially completed form. Please do not use your browsers back button to navigate or you will lose data that you have entered. Instead, please use the back button at the bottom of each section of the form. The fields marked with an asterix identify the essential information requirements but we do need as much information as possible in order to assess your event.

By submitting this form you are agreeing to your details being passed to major landowners' participating in this scheme to notify them of events taking place in their areas.

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